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Reflections of Online Teaching, Part 2

In my first post reflecting on the state of online teaching in a post-Covid world, I discussed the ‘wait and see’ mentality that has caused a drop in enrollments around the world.

A lot of potential students are waiting to go back to a vision of what a ‘normal’ class looks like that I believe just is not going to come back in the same way.

Yes, teachers and students will have classes in the same physical space again, but online teaching and learning is here to stay.

And honestly, that’s a great thing! This is a great expansion of learning possibilities!

So why do so many people resist it?

I believe it is because many of us have a vision of what school is meant to be and to look like. It’s an image of school that has existed at least since the 1800s and it’s long past due for an update. And that image is of a building, not a screen.

It’s definitely true that some students (and teachers) may just do better in a traditional face to face classroom. As those of us who are currently missing hugs from our loved ones know, there are some aspects of face to face experiences that simply cannot be replaced online.

However, many can have an online learning experience that is not only just as engaging and effective as a traditional classroom – it can actually be a BETTER learning experience. We need to help those potential students who would benefit from online teaching and learning to shift to a new a view of what teaching and learning online can be. So how do we do that? That’s what we’ll talk about in my next post.

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