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Announcing BounceEnglish Teachathon 2020!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Calling all English Language Teachers!

Join us for the FIRST ever BounceEnglish Teachathon!

24-Hour Teachathon? What’s that? It’s an idea I had to help raise money for people and organized impacted by CoVid-19. BounceEnglish will be hosting an 24 hours of online English language lessons for students and training sessions for teachers and administrators. How’s it going to raise money? We will be asking everyone who wants to access to lessons and trainings to donate what they can. We will also be publicizing far and wide and we hope to get donations from the general public. We’ve never done this before! We are learning as we go! You have to try, right? Who will receive your donations? It depends on how big we make this thing. Right now the plan for US-based donations is to give the money to food banks, which have seen unprecedented surges in demand. Our ultimate aim is to give donations to groups most in need in Europe, the UK and MENA. If you have suggestions for worthy recipients, please contact us? When is this happening? Saturday, June 6, 2020. Specific start and stop times will be announced soon.

Where is this happening? It will be taking place entirely online, with a specific URL determined within the next week. Can I help? Yes, please! We would LOVE to get people involved! We are looking for a number of teachers who are interested in taking part to send us a brief proposal of what they would like to present. We would also be very appreciative if you would share this information with anyone you know who might like to contribute. Thank you! Who do I contact? Please send proposals, as well as any questions or comments, to

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