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Inclusive English Language Teacher Training and Development

About Us

Here at BounceEnglish, we put the TLC into ELT.

BounceEnglish was begun by two best friends who wanted to bring their vision of inclusive educational practices to the world.  We believe the people in our classroom should be at the heart of every lesson. 

English Teacher Training

Create Your Future

Our aim is to empower people through education.

Whether you are interested in traveling abroad or looking for a career change, our courses are great for anyone interested in teaching English as a Second Language.

Motivational Speaker

Professional Development

Hey Teach! We think you're awesome!

We also think you deserve more money, recognition and success!

Our professional development specializes in incorporating inclusive practices to English and making the classroom a welcoming space for every body. We offer courses in a variety of formats and to fit all schedules.

“Melanie is a true educator – She sees people’s potential and has a wonderful way of leading people to self-discovery.”

Chris, UK

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