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How to master new tech tools in the classroom

Reflections on online teaching, Part 5

As the nights get shorter, are moving into back to school time here in the United States, and many institutions have made the decision to remain online this term. As we make the move from the emergency remote teaching we did in the Spring to effective online teaching this Fall, there are a wide variety of apps and websites we can use in the classroom – and the choice can feel overwhelming at times! Here are some tips for getting used to new tech tools in the online classroom.

Go slow. You don’t have to learn everything at once! In fact, trying to do so can result in resistance to embracing new tools. Instead, try out one new tool, get used to it, and then once you feel comfortable, try another one.

Expect to make mistakes. We are ALL learning our way around the online classroom. Your students are also becoming familiar with these new tools – don’t assume they are experts!

Plan your lesson first and then think about how to use online tools and websites – not the other way around! Remember, technology is a tool, just as a board pen or an overhead projector is. You’ll find it much easier to create your lessons if you consider aims first, and then apply technology to it.

I hope these tips help you improve your practice in online teaching and learning. Do you have any suggestions? Put them in the comments! And remember to follow us for more advice on teaching and learning!

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