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Announcing Unlocking IELTS: Academic Writing Task 1 - Processes

Are you taking the IELTS exam soon? Do you need help with the writing section of the test?

Do you know how to write about processes for the IELTS exam? This course is all about learning how to write about process diagrams for Task 1 of the IELTS exam.

If you want a great score on IELTS Writing, then this course will help get you there!

It will give you a simple easy to use formula for how to approach Task 1 when you are given a diagram of a process on the IELTS exam. This formula will work every time!

This course also gives information on vocabulary and grammar to use in your answer.

"Unlocking IELTS: Academic Writing Task 1 - Processes" is the second lecture in our series on how to approach IELTS Task 1 Writing.

Note: this course is recommended for students with approximately Intermediate level or above in English.

If you are hoping to get a 6 or above on IELTS, this course is for you!

Check out a preview of the course!

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