What are Graphs, Charts and Tables?

The most common types of IELTS Writing Task 1 are graphs, charts and tables.

Welcome to the first in our three part series on Vocabulary for Graphs, Charts and Tables! In this series, we will cover words for:

  • Graphs, charts and tables

  • Highs and lows

  • Changes

  • Compare and contrast

  • Intensifiers

  • Prepositions

What are graphs, charts and tables?

Graphs, charts and tables take data and summarize in a visual representation to make the information easy to understand.

Table is an easy one! Yes, table can mean a piece of furniture. But when talking about data, table represents a grid that stores data. Data tables are made up of columns and rows. On the IELTS exam, you might get different types of tables.

The terms “chart” or “graph” are used interchangeably in English. Both terms are acceptable on the IELTS Writing exam.

However, there are a few common terms you might see.

Pie Charts

Bar Charts

Line Graphs

Come back tomorrow for:

In Part 2, we will review KEY VOCABULARY to describe changes in a chart, graph or table!

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