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How can we help you achieve your  ESL dreams?

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Are you ready to take your English skills to the next level? Whatever your personal or professional goals, BounceEnglish can help you reach them! 

Learn English

Confident Female Teacher

Whether you are ready to start your career as an ESL teacher or looking for professional development to expand your teaching skills, BounceEnglish has something for you!

Teach and Professional Development


Our experts can help you develop courses for specific English language needs, help redesign an existing program or guide you through online language course delivery.

Curriculum Development and Consulting


“Melanie is a true educator – She sees people’s potential and has a wonderful way of leading people to self-discovery.”

Chris, UK

Color Bombs

About Us

BounceEnglish loves to put the TLC into ELT. We want to help you achieve your goals in English language teaching, English as a second language and online learning... Or whatever YOU need to succeed and reach your personal, professional or educational goals!!

BounceEnglish was begun by two best friends who wanted to bring their vision of inclusive educational practices to the world.  We believe the people in our classroom should be at the heart of every lesson. 

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